Important Tips To Find The Perfect Bangle Jewelry

Important Tips To Find The Perfect Bangle Jewelry

Bangles are ornaments that come in direct contact with life’s everyday activities, it is crucial to invest in a beautiful and durable design that can withstand daily usage. While choosing the bangles, it is important to select the right fit, style and material. With a range from fine metal to inexpensive material, there are bangles available for nearly every budget and fashion sensibility.

Here are some of the important tips to find the perfect bangle jewelry:

How a Bangle Should Fit

While purchasing bangle, it is obvious to keep in mind how it should fit in your hand. Normally, the cuff bracelets and bangles for women are designed and meant to fit loosely on the wrist. Their looseness in cuff will seek more attention and look bold and elegant. This partly depends on personal preference, and partly on the bangle design.

Measure the Wrist

It is important to always measure your wrist size in order to get the right sized bangle. By measuring the size of your wrist, you can buy the bangle that will properly fit and ensure that it is neither too tight nor too loose. Hence you can easily put on and take off the bangle with ease. You can ensure that the bangle will not slide off over the hand. To measure wrist size, you can use a cloth tape measure.

Measure the Hand

To find the right bangle it is also obvious to measure the hand along with the wrist size. Keep your hand in the position like putting on a bangle with the thumb tucked in against the palm. Take a measuring tape and wrap it around the widest part of your hand, usually the knuckles and thumb. The hand size is appropriately the spot where the measuring tape overlaps.

Finding the right bangle using the Wrist and Hand measurements

There are bangles in different styles which should be taken into consideration when determining their correct size. Some bangles can be slipped over the wrist, many others are designed to slide over the hand. So choose the design according to your preference. You should also consider that the bangle’s width often affects size. Wider bangles tend to fit more snugly than thin ones.

Bangle Sizes

Bangles are sized differently as small, medium, and large. The sizing information will be available in the description when you purchase bangle online from jewelry stores.

Bangle Styles

Bangle styles have seen many modifications and innovations over trends. There are many different styles of bangles available in the market. It is available in many material options to present an impact on its look. There are different closure options in a bangle. Many bangles are closed circles where some are hinged with a clasp, while others have openings to fit over the wrist.

When it comes to the width of the bangle styles, it ranges from wide to very thin and can be flat, round, or twisted. Designs also vary in a number of options from embellishments with precious and semi-precious stones or crystals to feature an intricate design. Choose a style based on your personal taste and for the occasion you are intended to wear it.

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