Drinking Coffee Can Increase Libido?

Drinking Coffee Can Increase Libido?

Coffee is believed to be a drink that can increase physical arousal. Is it true? Let’s look at the benefits of coffee to increase libido here.

Drinking coffee is often associated with increased productivity, enthusiasm, and inspiration. It’s no wonder that many people regularly consume this drink, especially in the morning when they feel they need extra encouragement.

Coffee is also considered to increase physical desire. So, what is the relationship between coffee consumption and physical activity?

Benefits of Coffee to Increase physical Desire

In that study, female rats given caffeine were more likely to return to their partners for physical intercourse.

This study also concluded that caffeine can increase the motivation of female rats to have love. Unfortunately, the results of this study do not prove that Cenforce 150 and Vilitra can increase libido.

Keep in mind, the mice in the study above were not previously used to consuming caffeine. Meanwhile, many people regularly drink coffee every day.

However, the results of this study are interesting enough to be studied further, especially to determine the relationship between coffee and physical arousal.

Furthermore, researchers from The University of also in the United States say coffee consumption is associated with a reduced incidence of erectile dysfunction in men.

This study compared the coffee consumption of 3,000 men over 20 years. As a result, men who drank 1 to 3 cups of coffee per day were 42 percent less likely to experience erectile dysfunction.

The results of this research are valid when compared to men who do not consume coffee. According to the study, one of the factors that can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction is caffeine.

The caffeine in coffee causes the penile blood vessels to relax and then increases blood flow to the penis.

Although beneficial for improving erections, the above studies cannot show a causal relationship between coffee consumption and the absence of erectile dysfunction.

Then, does the above study indicate coffee can increase libido? Not necessarily.

Erectile dysfunction is difficulty getting or maintaining a sufficient erection during physical intercourse.

This can be caused by physical factors, psychological factors, or a combination of the two. Erectile dysfunction affects about 50 percent of men aged 40 to 70 years, and the incidence increases with age.

How to Drink Coffee to Increase Libido

Although there is no direct evidence that says coffee can increase libido, it’s okay if you want to consume it. However, coffee has been consumed for a long time and can help you when you need additional enthusiasm and productivity.

To be healthy and you can feel the properties to increase libido, do the following tips.

  1. Avoid Drinking Too Much Coffee

Excessive coffee consumption can cause health complaints, such as dizziness, stomach pain, anxiety, or a racing heart. Generally, coffee consumption estimated to be safe for health is 400 mg of caffeine per day or the equivalent of 4 100 ml cups of coffee.

  1. Limit sugar

If you are a coffee lover, limit the use of sugar as an added sweetener. The reason is that excess sugar can lead to weight gain, an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Uncontrolled diabetes can cause physical dysfunction. So, try to consume coffee without added sugar or limit the amount of sweetener you use.

  1. Add aphrodisiac ingredients

Aphrodisiacs are ingredients that are believed to increase libido. Some of the aphrodisiac ingredients you can mix in coffee are chocolate, avocado, ginseng, or honey.

Several studies have seen the relationship between drinking coffee and libido. Vilitra 20 and Vilitra 60 can help improve ED.

Benefits of Coffee for Weight Loss

Coffee consumption can help reduce the size of fat tissue in the body, thereby helping to lose weight.

The researchers explained that the effect of coffee on weight loss could occur due to several active substances in coffee.

In addition, the caffeine content in coffee also plays a big role in weight loss. Some of the benefits include:

Stimulates the destruction of fat through stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system.

Increase metabolism

Increase the energy generation process.

It is important to note, the coffee consumed in the study was coffee without creamer and sugar or black coffee.

Conversely, people who have the habit of drinking instant coffee or coffee with sugar and creamer have a higher risk of experiencing weight gain and obesity.

So, those are some ways on the coffee diet to lose weight. By applying the several things above, you can enjoy a delicious coffee while having a positive impact on health, including losing weight.

However, you must still pay attention to other strategies. Choose foods low in fat and rich in fiber, such as fruit, vegetables, or whole grains. In addition, do regular exercise!