Importance of Exercise During Pregnancy

Importance of Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercise is good for the body. Regular exercising makes the body more agile and fit, giving a boost to our energy levels. These factors remain true for pregnant women also. In addition to a healthy diet, most doctors also advise a daily exercise routine for all pregnant women. Moderate lightweight exercise is good for both the mother and the baby.


There is no harm in doing daily exercise in a normal uncomplicated pregnancy. In fact, undertaking some physical activities can help to eradicate common pregnancy discomforts and also helps to prepare the body for upcoming labor and delivery.


The common benefits of pregnancy exercise are as follows:

Increase Energy Levels:

Most expecting mothers complain of getting easily tired during their pregnancy. It drains out all the energy from the mother and makes them feel lethargic. Regular exercising will help pregnant women to cope up with their daily routines without feeling any tiredness. This is because exercise is known to strengthen the cardiovascular system, which in turn, boosts the body’s energy levels.


Reduces Pregnancy Side Effects:

A pregnancy is almost always associated with morning sickness and fatigue. Other complaints include backaches, constipation, bloating, and swelling. A consult with a gynecologist in Jaipur states that by following a regular exercise routine, these symptoms can be alleviated. As the pregnancy period advances further, expecting mothers are also known to complain of lack of sleep. A strict exercise regimen can tire the mother out enough that she falls in a restful sleep.


Lowers Complications:

Excessive weight gain during pregnancy can lead to complications during delivery. Regular exercise helps to keep the weight in check for expecting mothers. Other difficult health conditions like high blood pressure, high sugar levels or high thyroid levels – exercising can help to reduce all of these problems.


Reduces Stress:

Hormonal changes during the pregnancy can lead to extreme mood swings and cause stress for the expecting mother. There have been studies stating that while exercise, the brain releases more amounts of serotonin, a brain chemical known to put us in better spirits. Thus, following a regular exercise routine will help mothers to reduce stress in their lives.


Preparing for Childbirth:

Regular exercising helps mothers to be in a healthy physical condition. As per gynecologist in Jaipur, if the mother is in good shape while giving birth, there are chances of fewer complications during the delivery. Giving birth can sometimes be a long and tiring experience, especially in cases of the long duration of labor. A strong and healthy woman will not require any added drugs during labor and has lesser chances of undergoing a C-section.


Faster Recovery:

After giving birth, the body undergoes some major changes, both on the physical and biological level. Expecting mothers who remain active till the last days of their pregnancy are most likely to bounce back into good health quickly after the birthing experience.


Getting back in Shape:

By exercising regularly during the pregnancy period, mothers can keep a check on the amount of weight that they gain. This helps them to get back in their original body shape after giving birth in a much faster span of time.