What is Included in an AC Service

What is Included in an AC Service

There is no doubt that regular AC maintenance services are highly necessary for the proper functioning of your air conditioning system. However, when the maintenance is being done, here are some aspects that you should pay special attention to:

Getting it Cleaned

  • Get the entire system cleaned from the inside
  • Ensure that air filters are cleaned
  • Make sure the fins are cleaned properly
  • The AC condenser coil also needs attention
  • The cleaning of the evaporator coil is also important

Get the Parts of the System Checked Properly

  • Make sure you get your AC condenser checked each time
  • The AC evaporator fan should be cleaned or replaced as needed
  • The outdoor unit of the AC also need cleaning and inspection

Inspection of the AC Unit

  • Get the drainage cleaned
  • Ask the technician to check for leakage
  • The coolant level should be checked every time

These few steps performed during regular AC maintenance services can help save a lot of hassles in the future.