Beat the heat with these branded air coolers

Beat the heat with these branded air coolers

A cooler can be used by everyone, especially when the weather is mostly hot and humid. An air cooler is a completely different product when compared to an air-conditioner. It uses cold water and not cooling fluids. Air coolers are budget-friendly, occupy less space, and are low-maintenance electronic appliances. Many big brands manufacture air coolers, but Havells rules the roost. The Havells air coolers are pocket-friendly and packed with the latest features.

Some factors to look into of an air-cooler

Quality of Air

  • Air is pulled from outside and then it is cooled down.
  • No over-drying of air thus keeping the air cold and moist
  • Air circulated is preferable for people with asthma or dust allergy. For Eg; the Havells air cooler has collapsible louvers that don’t allow dust and insects to get into the air coolers.

Pocket Friendly

  • Air coolers are cheap when compared to Air-Conditioners and it does the same job of cooling the room
  • Uses less electricity hence operating cost of an air cooler is less than an AC.
  • Can cut the electricity bill by 80% when compared to an AC

Environment Friendly

  • Air coolers use water for circulating cold air when compared to Air-conditioners which use CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) and HFC (hydro-chlorofluorocarbons) as their refrigerant.
  • No harmful gases are let out, which helps in keeping one’s health better and also cutting down the pollution

Advanced Perks

  • Nowadays, Air coolers come with different features like multiple speed settings, silent operation, and also remote controls.
  • Some high-priced Air-Coolers are digitally enhanced and have beautiful exteriors like the Havells Air Coolers series.

Types of Air coolers

Personal Coolers

  • Designed for Indoor, personal and smaller spaces, light-weight, portable, and are often referred to as mini air coolers. For eg: Havells cooler have a range of Personal coolers which provide relief during hot summers.
  • Saves Energy
  • Provides fresh, cool air, giving you comfort against sweat and heat.
  • They are packed with features like honeycomb cooling pads, collapsible louvers, auto drain facility, thermal overload protection, ice chamber, inverter compatibility, humidity control, temperature display, and many more
  • Some high priced air-coolers also come with remote and touch panels

Tower Coolers

  • Effectively helps in cooling a bigger area or space as they are very powerful air cooler. For eg: ALITURA range of tower coolers from Havell’s Air-Coolers segment.
  • Takes lesser time in cooling bigger spaces as the air is distributed vertically.
  • Need Timely maintenance as they are large units
  • Tower coolers work using a combination of fan and water cooling. It takes in the hot air and evaporates the heat to give out cool air.
  • Silent Operation.

Window Coolers

  • The unit contains a tank that is installed outside the house, and the air-cooling unit is to be installed on the window frame.
  • High-performance features and durable structure design helps in efficient functionality and custom cooling. For eg: Havells Air-Cooler range of window coolers which come with Breetheezee Technology, Dust nets to ward off dust and insects, and many more.
  • Occupies minimal space on the wall
  • They are designed with sturdy plastic bodies which are long-lasting also include honeycomb pads/ Wood wool cooling pads.
  • They are a bit highly-priced than the Personal coolers or Tower coolers and need higher maintenance
  • Consumes less electricity and provides efficient cooling.

Desert Coolers

  • When you are living in an area where humidity is low and the temperature is high then this is the best type of aircooler to buy. For eg: Havells Air coolers have an efficient and dedicated range of Desert Coolers which come with features like Breatheezee Technology, front castors with brakes, completely collapsible louvers, honeycomb cooling pads, 3-side washable dust filter nets, humidity control, remote control, and many more.
  • Evaporates heat from the water and pushes out cool air.
  • Helps in reducing the temperature level in enclosed spaces.
  • Dust-free cool air
  • Operates Silently


Havells is a brand that rules the electronic appliance segment. They manufacture a wide array of quality electronic products in India like Air-Coolers, Fans, Switches, Water heaters, and many more. It is a pioneer in the Air-Cooler market segment.


  • Havells Air-coolers come in Desert Coolers, Tower Coolers, Window Coolers, and Personal coolers variants.
  • Havells Air-coolers use their trademark Breatheezee Technology which features3 sided dust filters and completely collapsible louvers on the front to avoid dust from entering the cooler.
  • Havells Air-Coolers use specially processed anti-bacterial, anti-erosion, and anti-deformation honeycomb pads to absorb dust and also clean the air
  • Havells air coolers come with distinctive features like a covered water tank, auto drain, temperature display, humidity regulator, and much more.
  • Their compact design and air purification system make these air coolers a must-have during summers.

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