What are the current business routes to move to the UK with your family?

What are the current business routes to move to the UK with your family?

How can you bring your family to the UK with the sole representative visa?

You can bring your family based on Sole Representative Visa, but first, you have to check your eligibility and compile all the appropriate paperwork. Then make sure you have access to all details about you and your family’s immigration history.

There are some rules and guidelines which every Sole Representative Visa Holder should follow:

  • A dependant can be your husband, wife, or partner and your child under 18.
  • Your dependents should not own the majority of the company, according to the rules, you can not bring them with you.
  • They should not have a visitor’s visa, and it is highly preferred to apply for your dependent’s application at the same time as yours.
  • If your child is just born in the UK, then you could apply to add them in your visa as your dependent.

Documents Required for the UK dependent’s visa are :

  • Appointment at a Visa Centre.
  • Latest Coloured Photo (45mm high by 35mm wide, printed to a professional standard)
  • Original birth certificate or marriage certificate
  • Previous passports and travel documents (Try not to Staple them)
  • Translated Documents (If original are not in English)
  • Tuberculosis Tests Results
  • You also have to give information that you have an extra £630 available for each dependent unless you have an A-rated sponsor license holder sponsoring you wholly.

Your family members may apply online. They’ll require to have their fingerprints and photograph taken at a visa application centre to get a biometric residence authorisation as part of their application. They may be able to get their visa sooner or other services depending on what country they’re in – check with the visa application centre.

When you’re applying, you must still be living together with your partner and have to continue doing so. It would help if you were not taking advantages (accessing public funds) when you apply. Knowledge of English Language and life in the UK requirements are also considered, so you should make sure you convince these requirements before preparing your application.

Sometimes an applicant faces the refusal of their application on bringing their dependents with them. It mostly happens because of the number of documents provided or failed to give evidence at the right time. Single parents who want to bring their child with them, have to provide adequate proof of their child custody if one of the parents lives abroad. You have to prove that you have the sole custody of your child.

You have to thoroughly read the whole document of immigration rules and guidelines before applying for your dependent’s visa. It would be best if you also know that the rules can change anytime, and procedures must be comprehended according to the established practices.

You can handily apply to extend your UK sole representative visa, including your dependants too by ascertaining your eligibility once again and paying a minor amount of fees. A Representative of an Overseas Visa can be expanded for up to two years after the initial visa period of 3 years. The home office will contact you within eight weeks after you submit your application.

You can also consult and contact some professionally trained best immigration lawyers in the UK, who will provide you with advice, assistance and representation in all immigration matters. An immigration adviser will be able to tell your opportunities of receiving a visa, and the best way to improve your chances of travelling. If you wish to migrate to the UK, contact the immigration specialists at AY&J Solicitors for assistance.