Are you an FMCG Ordering Custom Cookie Boxes? Read This First

Are you an FMCG Ordering Custom Cookie Boxes? Read This First

If you’re an FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods), you will need custom cookie boxes if you make cookies. There are many types of packaging available when you go out into the market; however, if you want the packaging to stand out from the rest, it has to be unique. Although you could ask that of your packaging partner, most commercially cookie producing companies opt for cheap and straightforward designs to save on cost, but how do you expect the customer to differentiate? You might say taste; regardless, the presentation also counts – ask any professional chef. We will look at some cookie packaging ideas bound to make an impression and might even increase sales.

Unique Wholesale Cookie Boxes for the Commercial Cookie Makers

If you are an FMCG with a host of products released into the market, you probably put packaging cost before design and uniqueness. Although that may seem like a good move, however, if you want to make something that will market you even after your cookies have been consumed, you need something special; a wholesale cookie boxes order that will last and leave an impression. For example, a particular butter cookies brand has a cylindrical tin box as the container for the cookies. These tin boxes can be found in almost every home and are used to store different things. Whenever their owners look at these containers, they are reminded of the delicious cookies and the company that made them, influencing their decision to buy those cookies again and again.

So, one idea is that you can opt for similar long-lasting storage, or if you would like to save on cost, you can do the following:

  • Standard rectangular cookie packaging with window: Adding a simple window with plastic covering instead of the entire box being made opaque will pique the interest of many. Most customers appreciate the idea of knowing what they’re buying. The same thought is responsible for the popularity of the live-kitchen. Besides looking good, the live kitchen also raises the natural curiosity of people to know what’s going into making that expensive dish.
  • Change the Shape: The rectangular custom printed cookie boxes are the norm; change it. Make it another shape; if your cookies are circular, make it a circular shape; if they’re shaped like a star, make the packaging reflect that.  It will catch the customer’s eye; the most influential commercial brands change their logos, their designs and their packaging as time progresses. Two of the world’s most famous beverage companies went from glass bottles to aluminum cans and PET bottles.
  • Go Eco-friendly: if there is a growing trend of something, it should be followed and utilized to make money or to save money. People are changing the way they think; they are putting nature conservation first and appreciate and promote environmentally conscious companies. If your packaging is eco-friendly – made out of recycled paper or is easily biodegradable, you can tell your people you care about the environment. That is why your custom cookie boxes are made from recycled cardboard. People will appreciate that and prefer your products because of a simple change in material, which is not that expensive either.theuktime

Although we have mentioned a couple of ideas that might influence your customers, they are no good if you don’t have a premium packaging partner like the Packaging Republic. If your packaging partner cannot help you in the design and material selection of your wholesale cookie boxes order, you need to switch and change your packaging supplier –  as they say, change is the only constant.