What Do You Understand By the Real Source of Entertainment?

What Do You Understand By the Real Source of Entertainment?

Almost, we all love to talk and sit with a person who can make other people laugh because funny people bring a bag of happiness in their lives. This can be the most attractive aspect of human behaviour.

It does not mean that you have to become a comedian and a clown who makes people laugh by plotting funny acts. This can be good, but that is not the only way to make people laugh. You need to have a sense of humour that can help you generate happiness inside and outside of you.

Advantages of the best sense of humour

  • The best sense of humour can even help you to win someone’s heart. This has the extreme power to change your life completely. It can affix your useless demeanour and even suitable for maintaining a healthy relationship with family and friends. It can improve both your personal and professional life.
  • There are many more benefits of a sense of humour, which we are going to talk about in this blog. In this blog, you shall find the best way to improve your sense of humour, not just to look funny or act funny but just understand things as they are.
  • You shall also learn that being happy or making others feeling delighted is an act of humanity. Sometimes, you need to bring some happiness with the actual presentation that can be managed with the help of the process called direct lending.

The True meaning of entertainment

Entertainment is not an act of looking at a clown-like figure and possessing the funny behaviour. It is to gain the reality of the condition and then act opposite to it. During hard times, we all tend to behave weird and take things heavily on us. This makes us feel all the things are a sort of burden, even the relationships.

These burdens you can remove the act of making some nonsense twitches. These can be done to light the tricky conditions, set them aside, and feel the real essence of life.

Idleness, melancholy times and monotonous work life can affect the people; they need a change in life. Perhaps, some changes are not that viable and could not bring more profits. In such cases, we can do something different, unrelated to the mentioned things.

It is a hard task

Some people are like having a character. If you bring them the best joke in the world, it will not work at all. The cracker would tell the joke in such a way that no one would get it, and laughter will be on another track.

On the other hand, some people crack the worst joke in such a way that it seems the funniest joke to the date, and everyone would laugh at it. The joke and its meaning do not possess much fun but except the way of presenting it.

How to become funny


  • We all are sure about this behavioural feature. When you behave very funny and even surpass the aura of a comedian, it disappears when you talk to a different person, and you do not even speak a bit.
  • This happens with when you do not feel confident and doubt on self and your own jokes. You must be sure when you are about to crack a joke.

Strong connection

  • When you speak to a person and start cracking jokes, another person will find you strange and will perceive your wrong side of the character.
  • It is required to first connect with the others and then crack some jokes at some conditions. This would light the interest of the other person in his heart for you.

Hit and Miss

  • It does not matter the number of jokes you crack, people can respond in different ways, but when you focus on why people are not laughing, you become nervous. You will no longer look funny to them.
  • You need to continue your discussions, whether the people are laughing at you on your jokes or not. Doing this will make you feel extremely confident, and people will follow your words.


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You need to focus on ‘why’. Why you need to crack a joke, why there is a need to lighten the situation and why to tell jokes to combat the unlikeness of the conditions.