DTH Service Providers and Their Different Types of TV Packages

DTH Service Providers and Their Different Types of TV Packages

At present, we all are surrounded by numbers of DTH service providers that promise to serve us with the best services at the most competitive prices. Many of these service providers keep introducing new plans and packages to attract more clients regularly. Many of these service providers even come up with various discounted packages and offers. Besides raising the clientele, another main aim behind all these initiatives is to retain its market position. 

But there is a big number of DTH provides offering these schemes and newly launched packages, and people looking for a new DTH connection might end up confused about which one to choose. In this article, some points have been listed out to help people find a reliable service provider that offers great services:

Number of channels

While looking for DTH service providers, you should check the number of channels offered by the service provider. Check the plan to find other services offered by the particular service provider. In addition to this, one should also ask for additional channels such as active channels, regional channels, HD channels, free channels, etc. 

Price of packages

One should consider the price of different packages provided by various service providers. To find the most reasonable package, one must compare DTH packages of two or more service providers. 

Set-top box

There are many DTH service providers in the market, and each one of them offers different types of set-top boxes, such as high definition (HD), standard definition (SD), 4K (ultra-HD), etc. While finalizing a service provider, one must get clarity about the types of set-top boxes the service provider is offering. One should also check its prices. 

One should choose a set-top box as per their television set. For example, if someone has a tube TV, then they should select an SD box. Similarly, if they own an LED or LCD, then HD set-top box is the best for them. If you have a 4K picture quality TV, then select 4K DTH connection. Many service providers have come up with mobile apps and devices like Magic Stick to provide a completely different TV viewing experience. 


Most of the DTH service providers are providing one year warranty for any new DTH connection. But this may vary for different service providers; thus, you should collect all the information regarding the warranty period and after-sales services before making the purchase. Also, some DTH service providers provide free installation and demo services. You must also look for annual maintenance contracts, which help in extending the warranty period. You can browse through various online reviews posted by customers to know more about the quality of services offered by any particular DTH service provider.


While looking for a service provider, you should also ask for customization. Various DTH service providers provide packages that are modified as per the specific requirements and budget of their clients. Thus, while looking for a DTH service provider, people should ask for this option so that they can customize the packages as per their needs.