Top TV Brands in India in Your Budget

Top TV Brands in India in Your Budget

With new innovations and smart features, TVs today redefine the concept of entertainment. However, in the face of multiple brands competing with one another to put forth the best-combined features in a range of TV units, customers may find it extremely perplexing to choose the best one within their budget.

Every new model launched in the market comes with a refined display, screen resolution, smart features, Wi-Fi connectivity and other specifications. Interestingly, the brands are also focusing on scaling up features within a minimalistic price range so that even budget buyers can strike a better deal. Several Samsung LED TVs, alongside other models from LG, MI, or Sony, offer outstanding features within a competitive price range.

3 Best LED TV brands within budget

Listed below are some of the best TV brands that offer ultimate features but help buyers adhere to their budget –


Samsung holds the major market share in terms of television sales in IndiaSamsung LED TV are an ideal combination of budget and advanced specs and offer some unique features that enable individuals to use it as an alternative for computers.

The most interesting one is the innovative Tinzen OS which allows users to access all favourite apps on the home screen. In terms of display, the HyperReal Engine, along with VA panels provides an interesting impeccable viewing experience.

Samsung has also developed QLED that takes aspects of screen resolution and colour clarity to a whole new level. The mid-range Samsung TVs are available starting from Rs.15,000.


Featuring Full HD resolution with X-Reality PRO, the visual aspects of Sony stands redefined. The brand offers a wide range of TVs within Rs.25,000. Sony’s products also add finesse to the screen quality with its Triluminous display. On the sound front too, some of Sony TVs feature powerful bass and a built-in subwoofer. The brand, however, lacks on the Smart feature aspects as most of its budget TVs feature Linux OS. These offer satisfactory results but fall short in preciseness with some aspects.


Individuals looking for 43 inch TV within budget must look out for models from LG. Some of its best models are available within Rs.30,000. With wide display and life-like colours, users can enjoy a cinematic visual experience sitting right on the couch.

The innovative IPS panel of this brand offers the clearest and defined screen resolution. It also effectively works on aspects like contrast discrepancies, no blur clarity, colour wash to offer crystal clear image, etc.

LG further brings Dolby vision in many of its units, to produce stunning pictures. LG is also the first brand that redefined SMART feature with an AI interface that makes operating it extremely simple.

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All the three above mentioned TV brands have their respective USPs. Customers should also understand their preferences before opting for one. While the Samsung LED TV offers a balanced combination of display sound and SMART features, LG brings outstanding AI features along with brilliant screen resolution, and Sony units are known for their wonderful display. Therefore, the best buy within the budget also requires you to be smart about your needs while making a choice.