Black Salt: Nutritional Facts and Benefits

Black Salt: Nutritional Facts and Benefits

Mined from the regions surrounding the Himalayas, kala namak or black salt finds an important place in Indian kitchens. Obtained from the natural halite, black salt is highly admired and used in Ayurvedic medicines for its apparent medical qualities.

The blog post mentions the nutritional facts and benefits of black salt.

Nutritional facts

If we talk about the basic chemical formula of black salt, it ismajorly sodium chloride (NaCl) and traces of other salts and minerals. Black salt gets its unique smell, flavour, and colour because of these trace salts and minerals. Let us take a look at the composition of black salt.

Minerals present in black salt (values per 100g)

  • Sodium (Na) – 37.83g or 3783mg
  • Chloride (Cl) – 60.3g
  • Sulphur (S) – 450mg
  • Iron (Fe) – 43.1mg
  • Potassium (K) – 87mg

Besides these, other minerals that are present in very minute quantity are silicon, calcium, strontium, lithium, sulphur, and magnesium.

Salts present in black salt

Following are the salts that provide black salt with its unique colour and taste.

  • Iron sulfide – It gives the purple or dark violet colour to the black salt.
  • Sodium sulfate – It provides black salt with its savoury taste.

Besides these, other salts that are present in black salt are sodium bisulfate, sodium bisulfite, and sodium sulfide.

Popular health benefits of black salt

Let us take a glance at the following black salt benefits.

Aids in weight loss

Using black salt does not cause water retention and thus you do not feel bloated. If you aim to lose weight, you may probably need to follow a low-sodium diet and black salt is a better alternative for the same.

Treats acidity

Alkaline and laxative properties of black salt help relive from acidity and bowel problems.

Prevents muscles cramps and spasms

Owing to a sufficient amount of potassium, black salt helps regulate muscle functioning. It reduces muscle cramps and spasms by relaxing your body.

These are some great health benefits of black salt. To avail the benefits, you can try and replace your regular table salt with black salt.