5 Elements to Create an Incredible Logo

5 Elements to Create an Incredible Logo

A logo is a good source of making the business brand memorable. It is an image of your business and it could be a good practice to have some knowledge about it before designing a Logo. A strong logo can help in representing a brand. A logo that is simple but unique at the same time, and conveys a message about your brand is considered a strong logo. Thus, it implies a long-lasting memory of your brand.

However, a weak logo is the one that is too confusing, bright and loud. Before designing a logo you should be clear about the vision of the logo that you are willing to design. It should always have a concept or meaning in order to make it more efficient. Here are some of the important things to keep in mind while creating a custom logo design.

1. Research about the Industry

Acknowledging the industry plays a vital role in creating a logo. Make custom to spend enough time inresearching about the Industry that you are willing to create a logo for. Try to distinguish what that particular company is doing well at and at what part they are lacking. It will somehow help you to give an idea of creating a logo for that particular business.

2. Simple

You might have noticed that most of the well-known brands have a simple logo, like Apple company, Nike, Audi and many more. Simplicity is a key factor for creating a logo. A complex logo where you will put a number of things is not a good idea and is a waste.A simple logo represents the conciseness and efficiency of your business brand. It always stays in the memory of people however; a logo which is complicated is difficult to remember.

3. Memorable

A good logo is defined as it retains a place in people’s memory. Geometrical logos can be considered as a good shape of logo which can be memorable too. A logo should be made by keeping in mind that it should look attractive. Apart from logo, an attractive looking thing always stays in a human mind, no matter what so ever thing it is. By making a memorable logo, you will be able to make your business famous and known.

4. Meaningful

A logo should be based on a Meaning or Concept. There should always be a definition of the purpose of the particular logo. The vision of a logo designer should be clear about the business for which they are going to make a logo. Suppose, you saw a logo if you find it attractive you will get curious to know about its meaning. But, if you got to know that there is no meaning behind that particular logo, the impact of that business will not be good to you. A logo that articulates a meaning or message is considered good.

5. Name Visibility

If your business is new, it’s logo should have a readable name. It is important because when people do not know about your business, what would be the purpose of seeing only a design then? A logo should be designed in a manner that it could show the name of your business and an icon as well. It is the face of your business brand which gives a good or bad impact on the viewers. It makes people remember that this logo is of that particular company. A memorable logo can make a company memorable too.It would be considered a good practice too if you understand the audience before making a logo.

6. Distinct from others

A logo should always be unique and different from others. The purpose of creating a logo is rendering a long-lasting memory on the people’s mind about your brand. A logo should alwayshit your brand name in people’s mind at a glance. But if your logo will resemble with any other brand, people will think about the brand with which the design of your logo resemble. So, it is better to create a logo with your unique idea which does not resemble with another and thus fulfils the purpose and requirement of a logo.